Rice mill manufacturers teach you how to know the quality of rice

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When the phenomenon of rice aging is heavier, the color becomes darker, the viscosity is reduced, and there is no fragrance. The rice with gray powder or white pavement on the surface is Chenmi. The more the amount, the older the rice is, the mild smell of Chen rice, and the worm particles in the rice grains. Grab a handful of rice in the hand and let go of it to see if there is white rice bran powder on the hand. This rice bran powder is rarely found in qualified new rice.
Look at hardness
The hardness is determined by the amount of protein in the rice. The stronger the hardness of the rice, the higher the protein content and the better the transparency. Under normal circumstances, the new rice is harder than the rice, the rice with low moisture is harder than the rice with high moisture, and the late rice is harder than the early rice.
Look at the waist
The bursting of the waist is caused by the loss of balance between the inside and outside of the rice after the rapid heat of the rice in the drying process. When the waist rice is eaten, it will be ruined and the nutritional value will decrease. Therefore, when selecting rice, carefully observe the surface of the rice grain. If one or more transverse cracks appear on the rice grain, it means that the rice is bursting.
Look at the yellow grain
Yellowing of rice grains is caused by chemical reactions of certain nutrients in rice under certain conditions, or by microbial growth in rice grains. Such rice will affect the aroma and taste of the rice.
Watch belly white
There is often an opaque white spot on the abdomen of rice. The white content of the white part of the rice is lower and the starch content is higher. Generally, rice with too high water content and insufficient maturity has a large white belly.
Take a small amount of rice in your hand, rub it with your hands and then smell it. The authentic new rice has a fragrant smell. The rice that has been stored for more than one year has only a rice scent and no clear fragrance. If you smell it and find that the rice has an unusual taste, it is probably not a good rice. Nowadays, fragrant rice is more popular on the market. The rice with natural fragrance is relatively normal. If it is a scent of nose, it is not normal.


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