Why does the Paddy dryer produce black smoke

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In the production process of Paddy dryer equipment, if the staff does not operate properly or the rice dryer equipment itself has some problems, there will be some phenomena such as black smoke. This means that the unburned pulverized coal is discharged. So what situations are prone to black smoke? The following rice dryer manufacturers will give you the answer.

Paddy dryer

1. Because the primary air of the Paddy dryer is small, the amount of coal is large and the air-coal mixing is not good enough.

2. The rear ring is more serious, which can easily affect the ventilation quality, and the pulverized coal combustion is not good enough.

3. The quality of pulverized coal is relatively poor, the volatility is relatively low, and the moisture content is relatively large.

4. If black smoke appears in the Paddy dryer equipment, it will directly affect the internal temperature of the equipment. Generally, it should be solved according to different conditions. Generally speaking, coal reduction is the main method.

5. If the internal temperature of the Paddy dryer is relatively low, the wind will be too large. Therefore, in the actual operation of the equipment, it is necessary to solve the black smoke situation of the coal slime and paddy dryer according to the actual situation.



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