Sorting system and cleaning system of 1 chute color sorter machine

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Sorting system:

The sorting system of 1 chute color sorter machine is composed of unloading bin, air injection valve, air compressor, air filter purifier and other accessories. Since the kinetic energy of the rice material sprayed by the high-speed nozzle is large, the space of the discharge bin should be large enough, and damping measures should be taken at the contact part between the material and the discharge bin. Rebound after hitting the discharge box to prevent rice from entering the detection area of CCD lens to avoid accidental hitting. Experiments show that the spacing and number of pneumatic nozzles are one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of color sorter.

1 chute color sorter machine

Cleaning system:

The cleaning system of 1 chute color sorter machine consists of cylinder, glass wiper and other components. Because rice will produce dust and other impurities, it is easy to adhere to the glass in the color separation process. Once too much dust and impurities are attached to the window glass, the photoelectric system used to classify and detect tea materials through the window glass will easily cause chain problems, such as false detection. It will affect the accuracy of color separation and the output ratio of color separation. In the worst case, it will lead to frequent operation of air nozzle, so as to shorten the service life of nozzle and control system and burn the nozzle control system. The glass wiper is installed on the cylinder, and the sliding of the movable cylinder piston is pushed by the main control system by controlling the cylinder valve switch at the preset time, so as to achieve the effect of regularly cleaning the dust and impurities on the glass.



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