How to ensure the normal work of 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery

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In daily processing, the factory will choose to use different types of rice mills for daily processing. At the same time, a good machine can not only improve the daily processing efficiency, but also increase the service life of the machine. And in the daily processing process, how to ensure that the machine can work normally, this article will tell you the answer.

1 ton per hour rice mill machinery

First of all, before starting the daily processing, you should check the coincidence and firmness of the 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery mold, and at the same time check whether the positioning device meets the requirements. And after completing the daily inspection, it is necessary to let the machine idle for a period of time, so as to ensure that the machine does not have any faults. Secondly, when the machine fails, it should be stopped immediately until the failure is resolved.

Then the operator will start the daily processing operation, and during the processing, the 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery is not allowed to stand on the back. And in the process of rice transportation, it is forbidden to use hands to complete the corrective work of the rice mill, thereby reducing the possibility of accidents for operators.



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