How to control the noise of 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery

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(1) In order to ensure the smooth operation of the 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery and reduce vibration, before using the roller, it is necessary to check the equipment level of the 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery, tighten the anchor bolts, and conduct a static balance test. The method is as follows: roll both ends of the sand roller shaft on a calibrated horizontal sharp ruler or two parallel supports for several times. At this time, roll 1-2 sections of sand rollers at an angle of 180°, and then repeat the test to adjust the focus. If it is not treated, use a sand roller scraper to scrape off part of the surface sand at the focal position, re-test and keep the balance. It is strictly forbidden to use heavy and uncorrectable sand rollers, otherwise the machine with heavy sand rollers in production will produce strong vibrations and even damage the rollers and equipment.

1 ton per hour rice mill machinery

(2) The surface of the sand roller is not smooth, and it should be trimmed with the sand roller scraper. When sand beading, the bottom and edge of the groove should be cut into an arc to reduce damage to the rice grains. When repairing, the sand roller must be installed on the shaft, and the shaft must be on the top, so as to prevent the sand roller from touching the ground and damaging the sand surface. During trimming, the hammer should be light, the blade should be fast, and the groove size should be correct.

(3) When the large 1 ton per hour rice mill machinery rollers are installed, the ribs or grooves of each roller must be aligned, and the joints must be flat. When the sand roller is installed, 0.20-0.5mm thick cardboard should be placed between the roller and the screw conveyor and between the roller and the roller to prevent the sand roller from loosening, shifting and damaging. When installing, the sand roller shaft must be installed on the ground under the action of the end pulley, and cannot be installed horizontally on the ground, because it is not easy to install tightly and the sand surface is easy to wear.



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