High efficiency and high precision of 1 chute color sorter machine

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Nowadays, there are two main ways to screen grain: 1. Manual hand selection 2.1 chute color sorter machine screening. In some places where the information is relatively occluded and the conditions are relatively difficult, manual selection is mostly used. The 1 chute color sorter machine screening is a method that is widely used at present. Compared with manual hand selection, 1 chute color sorter machine has obvious advantages. What is the effect of 1 chute color sorter machine? Is it useful or not? Take a look at the comparison of the two to see how big the difference is.

1 chute color sorter machine

1. High efficiency. 1 rice 1 chute color sorter machine works for 1 hour, which is equivalent to 100 skilled workers working for 100 hours at the same time. 1 chute color sorter machine can work continuously for a long time without getting tired.

2. High precision. 1 The chute color sorter machine has an accuracy of 99.99% and will not be disturbed by external factors. The rice images are captured by a high-definition camera, and through the precise calculation and processing of the system, all kinds of heterochromatic impurities can be accurately removed.



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