Debugging steps of quality 1 chute color sorter machine

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There are many kinds of quality 1 chute color sorter machines. They have different materials, different sizes and different processing volumes. However, for the quality 1 chute color sorter machine, the debugging steps are similar! Then the quality 1 chute color sorter machine What are the steps to debug?

quality 1 chute color sorter machine

1. Check whether the valve is in good condition and the order of the mouthpiece.

2. Check whether the lamps are bright and clear, and see if the dust is normal.

3. Check whether all the line connectors in the electric control box are loose. Check whether the original parts in the sorting box are in good condition, and they are fixed and correctly connected to the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire of the regulated power supply.

4. Adjust the level of the machine to check whether the air pressure is normal (total inlet 0.5 to 0.8Mpa, valve air pressure 0.2 to 0.25Mpa, and ash cleaning 0.4 to .

5. The quality 1 chute color sorter machine adjusts the vibrator screw and decompression plate to check the position of the rice path and the blowing point, and adjust the position of the camera after completion.



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