What does Best Paddy dryer yield have to do with heat

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Best Paddy dryer's energy exchange between material and hot gas Direct heat transfer without auxiliary medium, that is, direct energy exchange with hot gas, suitable for drying most materials, indirect heat transfer using heat transfer medium, this is used for material In the drying process, the purity of the dryer has certain requirements to ensure the output and quality of the Best Paddy dryer. In the early stage, the heating method should be selected according to the experiment, so that the two form a positive relationship.

Best Paddy dryer

The flow direction of the gas and the material in the Best Paddy dryer is in the same direction, that is, the forward direction of the material is the same as the direction of the hot gas entering the cylinder. This heating method can quickly reduce the moisture content of the material, but if the temperature is not well controlled. It will cause the water evaporation to fail to meet the requirements, and then affect the output and quality of the Best Paddy dryer. Reverse flow, that is, the forward direction of the material is opposite to the direction in which the hot gas enters the cylinder, and the initial process of water evaporation to the material is relatively slow. , but it can be thoroughly dried, but because the material discharge and high temperature air intake are at one end, the quality of the material should not be affected by the high temperature.



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