Matters needing attention when using Paddy dryer in china

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Paddy dryer in china is a very convenient drying equipment, it not only improves people's work efficiency, but also improves the quality of rice, and the sales price also rises. This kind of equipment is also very simple to operate. The equipment can be operated by only 2 people, but we need to understand some problems in the process of use before we can operate the Paddy dryer in china proficiently, and it will not cause drying due to carelessness. some problems occurred.

Paddy dryer in china

Paddy dryer in china should pay attention to the temperature stability. The drying of paddy has higher temperature requirements than the drying of other materials. The paddy is easy to expand when heated, so you should always pay attention to the temperature change of the dryer when drying. Generally, the temperature of the feed port can be kept at 350 degrees.

It is necessary to pay attention to adding fuel in time. The heat source for rice drying is generally coal or biomass particles, and the power part uses electricity. In the process of use, pay attention to the remaining amount of fuel to avoid the temperature drop when the fuel is used up and the drying moisture does not meet the standard. Usually manufacturers It will tell how long the average bunkering will be available at a time, and people just need to refuel periodically based on the time.

Pay attention to the feeding amount. In the process of using the Paddy dryer in china, the feeding amount is a very critical parameter. To ensure the quality of drying, the feeding amount must be kept uniform and stable, and there should be no sudden increase or decrease.



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