150 Tons Complete Set Rice Milling Machine

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150 Tons Complete Set Rice Milling Machine

This complete set rice mill equipment is a new product developped by our company.
This equipment consists of davanced equipments such as bucket elevator, screening
and selecting machine, specific gravity stoner, rubber roller rice huller,
specific gravity paddy separator, rice mill with blowing wind, rice sorter and so on.
It's structure is tight and function is complete work from feeding in cleaned paddy
to sack filling. It had thus virtues as follows, high capacity, fine quality rice,
high rate of gaining rice, less broken rice, low energy consunmption, ect. 
Main machine list
The features 
1. This complete set rice mill machine cover an area of an area small, small investment, and apply the latest technology of rice milling, improve the
milled rice rate, reduce broken, lower temperature meters, good bran
removal effect,  stable mechanical performance, convenient operation
and maintenance.
2. Every major operation unit is driven by an indepandent ganerator,
which is controlled by an independent control panel.
3. Craft work can be designed specially, combined flexibly and processed
into different kinds of excellet rice according to different client's need.
4. The device is coated with a technique of static spray coating; the coating
looks smooth and finr and is Weatherproof.
5. The feeding pipes are made of smooth glass, which looks good and very durable,
6. What's more, it is environment-friendly inters of adopting high-effective
dust collecting unit to get rif of dust.


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