Milling machine process and operation and maintenance

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The rice milling machine equipment is all made of metal steel and form box structure. From the plane rotary cleaning sieve, suction type gravity stone removal machine, 6" rubber roller mill, large concrete separator, gravity type grain coarse separation sieve, spray sand roller rice milling machine, single joint, double lifting machine, etc. composition.
Process flow
The rice into the hairy rice is transported by the hoist to the cleaning screen and the stone removing machine to remove the impurities. The cleaned net valley is transported by the hoist to the rubber roller and the glutinous rice machine is unshelled, and the big cockroach is sucked out of the machine by the big fan. The rough mixture is sent to the gravity sieve by the hoist to screen the rice and brown rice. A small amount of unhulled rice is sent back to the glutinous rice machine for peeling, and the brown rice automatically enters the rice milling machine. In the rice milling room, the white and fine sputum is sucked out of the machine by the fine fan to collect it from the dust collector, and the finished rice flows out from the rice outlet.
Operation and maintenance
Before the whole machine is started, the machine should be installed smoothly. Check whether the components are normal. The parts and connections are loose. The transmission belts are suitable for tightening. The belts must be flexible. Pay attention to the lubrication of each transmission part. After some inspections are normal, the control switch is activated, and after 2-3 minutes of idling, the material can be processed.


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