What are the characteristics of Paddy dryer in china?

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Paddy dryer in china aims at the high moisture content of rice after harvesting. To make the rice reach the condition of safe storage (no mildew), it is necessary to reduce the moisture content of the rice to the safe moisture for storage (that is, 12% is the safe moisture for storage of rice). ), used to reduce the moisture content. So do you know the features of Paddy dryer in china? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. Occupational dryers specially developed and designed for high-quality small packaging can create high profits.
2. Forced dispersing device and multiple rotary valves for quantitative feeding cycle, so that seeds and grains are evenly dried.
3. Large-scale screw feeder, large-scale plastic steel ladle, stainless steel mesh plate are used, which are resistant to long-term use.
4. Exhaust fan, fully open drying layer, fast drying speed and high efficiency. The heat source can be fuel oil or the equipped combustion furnace.
In summary, it is a brief introduction about the characteristics of Paddy dryer in china.



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