How much do you know about the classification of Cheapest Paddy dryer?

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According to the relative movement direction of the grain and the airflow, the dryer can be divided into cross flow, mixed flow, cocurrent flow, counter flow and forward and counter flow, mixed counter flow, and mixed flow. Follow the editor of Cheapest Paddy dryer to have a simple understanding!
1. Cross flow dryer
The cross-flow dryer is an imported model, mostly cylindrical or square-tower sieve structure, and there are still many domestic manufacturers producing it. The advantages of this machine are: simple manufacturing process, convenient installation, low cost and high productivity.
2. Dryer with countercurrent, mixed countercurrent and mixed flow
Pure countercurrent dryers are rarely produced and used. Most of them are used in conjunction with dryers with other airflows, that is, used in the cooling section of co-current or mixed-flow dryers to form co-current and mixed counter-current dryers. The advantage of countercurrent cooling is that the natural cold wind can fully contact the grain, which can increase the cooling speed and appropriately reduce the height of the cooling section. The forward and countercurrent, mixed countercurrent and forward mixed flow dryers respectively use their own advantages to achieve high-temperature rapid drying, improve drying capacity, without increasing unit heat consumption, and ensure uniform grain quality and moisture content.
In summary, the editor of Cheapest Paddy dryer tells: a brief introduction to the classification knowledge of grain dryers.



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