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The entire drying system of Paddy dryer Manufacturers china relies on motors to maintain normal operation. However, there is often a problem. After long-term use, Paddy dryer Manufacturers china will overheat, and even burn the wires and cause a short circuit. In severe cases, Paddy dryer Manufacturers china will not work properly. When the motor is short-circuited, it will make everyone feel very difficult. Next, I will analyze it for you in the editor.
1. The heating tube of the motor may burn out, causing the heat generated by the motor to be unable to be discharged in time. The heat hidden inside the motor constitutes an increase in the temperature of the motor. This situation will affect the work efficiency and the service life of the motor. It is necessary to stop the machine in time and stop the replacement of the burnt out heating tube, so that the working heat generated by the motor can be discharged in time and normally;
2. The conductive wire of the heating tube of the motor may be burned out, and the burned out of the conductive wire of the heating tube is also an important element of the motor's heat dissipation, so you must choose a better material;
3. The fan blades of the motor may be reversing. At this time, you need to disconnect the power to change the position of the motor to confirm whether it is reversed. If it is reversed, adjust the blades to rotate in the correct direction.
The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about Paddy dryer Manufacturers china overheating.



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