Precautions for use of rice polisher supplier china

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Do you know what the precautions for using rice polisher supplier china are? If you want to know, just follow along and have a simple understanding!
1. Before the brown rice enters the falling hopper, check for metal objects and stones to avoid damage to the grinding wheel.
2. After the whitening is completed, pull out the front rotating block to clean up the remaining rice sugar in the whitening room, so as not to affect the accuracy of the sample.

3. The whitening accuracy needs to determine the number of samples and whitening time by the type of brown rice. The number of low-precision samples is 17-18g, and the whitening time is slightly shorter; the number of high-precision samples is 20g, and the whitening time is slightly long.
4. When the machine has been used for a long time and the high-moisture brown rice is crushed, the rice bran bonding grinding wheel affects the fine whiteness, the grinding wheel can be removed with a wrench, and the bran powder can be brushed with a wire brush, and it can be used as it is.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the use precautions of Rice polisher supplier china.



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