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How much do you know about Wholesale rice polisher in china? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. Friction type Wholesale rice polisher in china is characterized by high pressure in the rice milling chamber and low linear speed of the white roller. Since friction exists in the entire brown rice group in the entire rice milling room, and each grain of brown rice is involved, the rice milling uniformity is high, but the corresponding rice broken rate is also high. Therefore, the iron roller rice machine is suitable for processing horny rice with good skin toughness and high grain strength.
2. The grinding type Wholesale rice polisher in china consists of a rack and an exhaust fan. The rice milling chamber is fixed on the rack, the feeding device is installed in the upper part of the rice milling chamber, and the chaff collecting hopper is installed in the lower part of the rice milling chamber. The main shaft in the rice chamber is a hollow shaft, the air inlet is located at both ends of the hollow shaft, the rice outlet is equipped with a device for cleaning and cooling rice, the inclined guide plate is installed in the rice outlet, and the lower part of the guide plate is equipped with cleaning cold rice. Device. The characteristics of the grinding type emery roller rice machine are that the pressure in the rice milling chamber is lower and the linear speed of the rice milling roller is higher.
Because the grinding only exists between the rice roller and the brown rice, between the brown rice and the bran discharge drum, plus the negative pressure two-way multi-channel air intake, the rate of broken rice in the rice milling process is low. During the working process, the brown rice enters the end of the rice milling chamber from the hopper through the flow adjustment mechanism, and is pushed by the rotating screw propeller to enter the rice milling chamber. When the brown rice is filled with the rice milling chamber, the advancing spiral is still constantly Pushing the brown rice in makes the pressure in the rice milling chamber continue to increase. When the pressure of the brown rice group is large enough to overcome the resistance of the pressure door of the discharge port, the discharge port is opened and the rice group is discharged out of the rice milling chamber. The outlet is always subjected to grinding action, and the skin layer is gradually peeled off to become rice bran, which is discharged through the holes of the bran discharging cylinder, and then the rice milling is completed. The discharging port is equipped with a cooling rice cleaning device to further cool the rice grains.
The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about Wholesale rice polisher in china.



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