Drying process of Paddy rice dryer

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People can get a good drying effect by using a Paddy rice dryer, but only knowing the operation method and not the drying process is not enough. When there is a problem with the equipment, people need to have rich experience and know the operation process of the rice dryer. To quickly find out the root cause of the problem and solve it, let's take a look at the drying process of the rice dryer.

Paddy rice dryer

The Paddy rice dryer needs to be preheated first when it is turned on. If it cannot be turned on, it will be loaded directly. It is necessary to wait for the combustion furnace to start to preheat a part of the cylinder, and then start feeding. The drying of rice in the cylinder is divided into three stages. The area is the area when the rice just enters the dryer. At this time, the rice and the high-temperature gas enter the main machine at the same time, and are mixed with the high-temperature airflow for preliminary drying. Then enter the middle-temperature area, which is the main area for rice drying. At this time, the rice will be affected by the internal lifting plate. During the rolling process of the cylinder, the rice will be raised high, and the high-temperature airflow will pass through the falling rice. Quick drying effect. Next, enter the low temperature area, the rice entering this area has been dried, and the water vapor is also drawn out by the induced draft fan. So far, the drying process of the whole rice is completed.

The Paddy rice dryer uses a lower hot air temperature. In order to ensure the quality of the rice after drying and reduce the burst rate, a lower hot air temperature must be used. If the hot air temperature of 38-40℃ is used, the increase of the burst rate is less than 2%. The burst waist during the drying process of rice is not only related to the temperature of the hot air, but also to the moisture content of the hot air and the initial moisture of the rice. Limit the drying rate of the rice. If the rice is dried too fast or cooled too fast, it is easy to cause bursting. In order to ensure the drying quality of the rice, the drying speed should not be too high. Generally, it should be controlled below 1.5%, that is, the hourly precipitation rate should not be greater than 1.5%. .



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