How helpful are Paddy Paddy rice dryers to agriculture?

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How helpful are Paddy rice dryers to agriculture? Learn more about it today.

Paddy rice dryer

The technological development in the processing and production process of rice is attached great importance. The development of the rice industry is inseparable from the application of mechanical equipment. For the storage and processing of rice, the drying process is also very important. The use of Paddy rice dryer can not only reduce the dependence of rice drying on weather, but also improve the quality of rice drying. Using a Paddy rice dryer for rice drying results in less impurities, more accurate moisture control, and higher rice quality after drying.

The preparatory work before the installation of the Paddy rice dryer is firstly the foundation acceptance, which mainly checks the quality of the foundation concrete pouring and the deviation of the size and position. The appearance of the Paddy rice dryer requires that the foundation surface be clean, free of oil, dust, debris, exposed steel bars, cracks and corners, expected to have no residual shells in the holes, and other casting defects. The Paddy rice dryer should meet the following requirements for the basic size and position deviation: the external dimension and the basic coordinate position, the vertical and horizontal axis error is less than 20mm. The elevation error of different planes is less than 20mm, only negative and not positive are allowed; the overall length of the slope error is less than 20mm, The discharge end is not allowed to be straight; the unevenness of the upper plane is less than 5mm/m, and the total length is less than 10mm.

In the general rice processing and application process, the acceptance precautions of the Paddy rice dryer should be checked against the equipment packing list provided by the dryer manufacturer, and the parts, components, standard parts, random documents, etc., should be checked to check whether there are any errors. Parts, deformation and damage, etc., and make records so that they can be purchased or prepared before installation. Remove the protective coating and dust, oil stains, rust, etc. applied during packaging, and inspect and repair the damage and deformation caused during transportation, loading and unloading. The Paddy rice dryer pre-tests and pre-assembles the parts and key fittings to avoid rework in the installation work and ensure the installation progress and installation quality.

After the Paddy rice dryer is effectively separated, the finer particles enter the collection cylinder at the bottom of the separator for recycling, and the remaining waste gas containing a small amount of fine particles is sucked into the bag boiling granulation dryer by the centrifugal fan and collected by the dust collector again. The harmless treatment of exhaust gas is realized, and the latter exhaust gas is discharged from the chimney. This is the dust removal principle of the dust removal system, as long as you understand it, it is not difficult to clean up.



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