The process and principle of the 1 ton rice mill to remove the stones in the rice

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The 1 ton rice mill has a screen to remove stones to avoid the loss of hard debris. The specific working process is to send the rice to the separation area of the sieve surface, and the sieve surface will perform regular movements to allow the rice to be automatically graded. The upper layer is a material with a smaller specific gravity, and the lower layer is a heavier gravel.

1 ton rice mill

At the bottom of the sieve, the air flows upward, the gap between the materials is enlarged, the pressure and friction between the material layers increase, and the rice is in a fluidized state in the 1 ton rice mill, and the classification is more obvious. Due to its light weight, the material on the upper layer will be affected by the inertia of the screen surface and its own gravity, and will use the material on the lower layer as the sliding surface to slide down and be discharged from the grain outlet.

The sand at the bottom is heavy, and under the action of the airflow and the resistance of the screen surface, it moves upward with the movement of the screen surface, and is discharged from the stone outlet after passing through the aggregate area and the inspection area. Through the above process, we can understand that the principle of stone removal by the 1 ton rice mill is to generate different motion laws on the screen surface by relying on aerodynamics and the specific gravity difference between materials and sundries.



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