The composition and main function of the feeding device of the 1 ton rice mill

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A 1 ton rice mill is a machine that uses mechanical force to peel and whiten brown rice. Part or all of the skin layer on the surface of brown rice must be peeled off by physical or chemical methods, so that it has excellent edible quality and can improve food value. Our company produces a variety of rice mills, and provides users with the service of installation and debugging. What are the three parts of the feeding device of the rice mill, and what is the function of each part? Today I have a small editor to introduce.

1 ton rice mill

1. Feed hopper: The main function is to buffer and store materials to ensure continuous and normal production.

2. Flow adjustment mechanism: one is the gate adjustment mechanism, which uses the size of the gate opening to adjust the amount of inflow; the other is the adjustment mechanism composed of two parts: the full opening and closing gate and the micro adjustment.

3. Screw conveyor: the main function is to push the material from the feeding port into the whitening chamber.

The above is the composition and main function of the feeding device of the 1 ton rice mill. While pursuing product quality, our company is also constantly improving the service system and looking forward to cooperating with you.



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