Operation method of energy saving of Paddy dryer

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The air gate of the Paddy dryer should control the ventilation volume reasonably. When the ventilation volume is too large, the air damper should be lowered in time to ensure that the entire firing zone works in a positive pressure environment to reduce the back wind. After the temperature in the dryer returns to normal, gradually raise the damper to make the front fire develop, and ventilate the Paddy dryer to accelerate the combustion of fuel and increase the heat in the Paddy dryer. When the ventilation rate is too small, it is necessary to increase the height of the air gate to make the heat evenly so that the front part of the sintering belt is in a negative pressure environment, and the rear part is in a positive pressure environment for material calcination. At the same time, the air intake volume of the heat preservation position and the cooling position is maintained to improve the combustion quality of the fuel and the heat exchange efficiency, and to eliminate the phenomenon of underfire in the Paddy dryer.

Paddy dryer

The change in the calorific value of the fuel in the Paddy dryer should be properly added to the external fuel of the Paddy dryer. If the calorific value of the current fuel is higher than the heat generated by the original fuel combustion, the amount of fuel added will be reduced, otherwise, the amount of rice will be increased. The amount of fuel added to the dryer keeps the heat balance in the Paddy dryer.

It is necessary to detect the temperature in the Paddy dryer and accurately judge the temperature in the Paddy dryer according to the changing trend of the temperature in the Paddy dryer, and control the amount of external fuel added based on this. Ensure that the addition of external fuel is carried out in accordance with the principle of multiple and small amounts, to avoid the phenomenon that the temperature rise does not meet the standard or incomplete combustion caused by too much or too little fuel addition.



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