Precautions for cleaning and inspection of sliding shaft of Paddy dryer

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Because the frictional resistance of the rolling bearing of the Paddy dryer is very small, its efficiency is high, the axial movement is small, and the operation is normal, so it is very popular among the paddy dryer manufacturers and users. Whether the rolling bearing is effective also depends on whether its manufacturing process is excellent or not. Secondly, it needs to be well combined with the size of the shaft and the hole, and then the shape and position accuracy, surface roughness, matching properties, and correct installation and maintenance. It plays a great role. Don't say that there are some discrepancies that can be dealt with. If there is a defect in any one of the links, it will accelerate the wear of the bearing, and in severe cases, it can lead to hidden dangers such as breakage and high temperature seizure, so these cannot be ignored.

Paddy dryer

Regarding the rolling bearing of the Paddy dryer, do not knock it violently during disassembly and installation to avoid damage. When disassembling, it should be disassembled by hammering method or special tools, and it should be removed from the box by applying force from the outer ring. If there is rust and tight fit, the application should not be immersed, but it can also be immersed in hot oil at 120°C to cause it to expand, and then it is easy to remove.

The Paddy dryer should be cleaned with a cleaning agent. After cleaning, it should be inspected in detail. If there are damaged parts, they should be replaced in time. The main inspection is to see if there is serious corrosion, burrs, bumps, cracks, etc. Rotate the bearing manually to see if it is flexible, check whether there is shaft shaking, etc.



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