How the 1 chute color sorter machine works

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The 1 chute color sorter machine is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out the heterochromatic particles in the granular material according to the difference in the optical properties of the material. It is widely used in agriculture, food industry, industry, mining, bulk materials or packaging industrial products, food quality testing and grading fields, etc. It can improve the quality of materials, increase added value, and ensure the safety of food and use. The popularity of color sorters can reflect the advancement and automation of processing technology in a country or region, the popularity of food safety awareness, and the scientific nature of material deep processing or pretreatment, and also indirectly reflect labor costs and efficiency. , and the level of economic and social development. The following is the operation flow of the 1 chute color sorter machine:

1 chute color sorter machine

(1) The selected material enters the machine from the hopper at the top. Through the vibration of the vibrator device, the selected material slides down the channel, accelerates the fall and enters the observation area in the sorting room, and passes between the sensor and the background plate.

(2) Under the action of the light source, the control system sends out instructions to drive the injection solenoid valve to act, and according to the intensity and color of the light, the system generates an output signal to drive the solenoid valve to work to blow out different-colored particles into the waste cavity of the hopper.

(3) The good selected materials continue to fall into the finished cavity of the receiving hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of screening.

The working principle of the 1 chute color sorter machine is discussed here, I hope it can help everyone.



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