Introduction to the components of the 1 chute color sorter machine

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The main components of the 1 chute color sorter machine are: feed hopper, vibrating feeder, chute, light source, background plate, camera, spray valve, discharge hopper, etc. To correctly select a color sorter, it is necessary to carefully compare the performance of these components.

1 chute color sorter machine

1. The vibrating feeder can adjust the output of color sorting. The faster the vibration frequency, the greater the output, the more uniform the vibration frequency, and the better the color sorting effect;

2. The more holes on the chute, the faster the color sorting efficiency. In addition, the material selected for the chute has an important influence on the quality of rice;

3. It is necessary to choose a light source with stable light source and long life, which can reduce the color selection error;

4. The pixel of the camera is closely related to the color selection accuracy. The higher the pixel, the higher the color selection accuracy and the higher the net selection rate;

5. The spray valve is a device connected to the air compressor to blow out the different-colored particles, which requires fast response and precise strike. The spray valve configured in the 1 chute color sorter machine has passed 200 million pressure tests, and the force is appropriate, which can not only avoid material damage, but also ensure effective strikes.



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