How efficient is the Low price Paddy dryer

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The drying of paddy is not achieved overnight. This is due to the characteristics of the Low price Paddy dryer. Many users think that increasing the temperature and increasing the drying capacity of the paddy can increase the output and reduce the cost. In fact, this method will not improve the speed. It will also scorch part of the rice. The curve drawn by the technicians for the time it takes for the grain moisture evaporation process almost fits the parabola. In layman's terms, when the moisture of the grain itself is as high as 20%-30%, the average hourly moisture can drop by 1-2 percentage points or even more; when the moisture of the grain itself drops to between 15%-20%, the average The moisture drop per hour may be between 0.3% and 1%; when the moisture of the grain itself is below 15%, the evaporation of moisture per hour may be lower.

Low price Paddy dryer

In order to ensure the quality of the dried grains, the low price Paddy dryer manufacturer will set the operation parameters of the dryer according to the moisture content of the material, such as increasing or decreasing the feeding amount, adjusting the rotation speed of the cylinder, etc., by adjusting the operating parameters, to achieve a suitable drying effect. If only the efficiency is pursued when drying rice, the quality of the baked rice will be greatly reduced, not only the waist burst rate and broken rice rate are high, but also the moisture content of most of the rice is higher than the safe moisture. In the later storage process Problems such as mold and insects are prone to occur.



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