What to do when the Paddy dryer fails

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The Paddy dryer is different from the industrial ore dressing equipment dryer. Generally, the temperature inside the barrel of the third gear paddy dryer should not be too high, otherwise the rice seeds will be scorched. The temperature control range is generally 40 ℃ to 80 ℃. Between ℃, the working temperature is divided into three different grades during the use of the Paddy dryer to complete the entire drying process.

Paddy dryer

Using a Paddy dryer, the drying effect is better, and it is generally automatic, which saves labor. If the small paddy dryer fails, what are the troubleshooting methods?

The main power fuse of the small rice dryer is blown, and the shutdown of the small rice dryer does not work due to the failure of the circuit; this situation can be easily checked, just cut off the power supply and check whether the circuit is in good condition.

Temporary downtime due to heavy load of the equipment, this phenomenon is mainly caused by the material feeding amount too fast; the main reason is that you need to cut off the power supply, how to eliminate the failure, do some cleaning of the materials in the barrel to reduce the equipment any load.

When the Paddy dryer dries the material, foreign matter beyond the capacity of the equipment is mixed with the material, causing the machine to stop; because the small paddy dryer is for drying straw materials with low crop hardness, if you are not careful The foreign matter with greater hardness or volume is mixed, which will inevitably cause the dryer to fail to operate normally and cause the shutdown of the paddy dryer. In this case, it is only necessary to check and clean the foreign matter after the power is turned off.



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