How to reduce the cost of Paddy dryer

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Using a Paddy dryer has many advantages for paddy drying, but many users are more concerned about the cost of drying. If the cost is too high, the profit of selling paddy will be reduced, and drying will become meaningless, then How to reduce costs when drying paddy? We Jinhua Machinery believe that there are several ways to do it.

Paddy dryer

In order to reduce the drying cost of the Paddy dryer, you must first select a suitable heat source. The optional heat sources include coal, biomass pellets and natural gas. Many users want to use electricity because they feel that electricity is convenient and pollution-free, and electricity is relatively cheap. . In fact, because the heating efficiency of electricity cannot be achieved, the rice cannot be dried at all when the output is large. Among them, the low cost is coal. Considering environmental protection issues, a dust collector can be added at the end. The price of coal is cheap and the heat is large. And also a good buy.

Choosing a Paddy dryer with a suitable structure, the cost of drying rice is actually the consumption of heat sources, either reducing consumption or improving heat utilization efficiency, and a dryer with a good structure can improve the heat utilization efficiency, such as our company's three-cylinder In the paddy dryer, the hot air enters from the middle layer and then flows to the outer layer, so that the heat loss is less, the heat reuse efficiency is improved, and the same rice is consumed less heat source.

The late harvested rice can also reduce the drying cost. No matter what kind of rice, it can be dried to a moisture content of 14%. This moisture is the safe storage standard for rice, and it will not mold and heat after storage. The late harvested rice has a low moisture content, so the cost of drying a ton of rice will be lower than before.

To reduce the cost of the Paddy dryer has a lot to do with the equipment, but it is also related to the operation method of the operator. Therefore, before using the paddy dryer, the operator should have simple operation training and master a good drying method. Familiar with the various parts of the equipment, the paddy can be dried at a low cost.



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