Equipment selection of Paddy rice dryer

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Dryer selection

Different types of grain can use different dryers. For example, in the grain-producing areas dominated by wheat and rice, mixed-flow and mixed-countercurrent dryers can be selected. For example, in a corn-based production area, a multi-stage downstream high-temperature fast dryer can be selected. For example, in rice-based production areas, you can choose low-temperature, large-slow-suspension dryers such as forward-countercurrent and mixed-countercurrent. Different grains have different drying processes and different drying temperatures. According to the amount of grains during the drying period, different types of drying processes and dryers can also be selected. If there are many varieties of grains, the quantity is small, or the grains are stored scattered, a small batch (circulating) dryer or a small mobile dryer should be used. If the variety is single, the quantity is large, and the drying period is short, a large continuous dryer should be used.

Paddy rice dryer

Selection of Paddy rice dryer equipment specifications

The configuration of the size of the Paddy rice dryer is based on a comprehensive analysis and determination based on the actual local conditions and the requirements for the two important indicators of the dryer's productivity and precipitation. If the requirement is 3000t corn with a moisture content of 26%, and the average ambient temperature is -5 °C, the corn can be stored for about 15 days, work 20 hours a day, and reduce to a safe moisture content of 14% after 30 days of drying. 5t/h small Paddy rice dryer with large drying capacity (when converted to 5% water drop per hour, its drying capacity is 12 tons.water/hour). If the grain is concentrated in the production area, the grain processing capacity is large during the drying season, and a large-scale high-temperature, high-efficiency and fast dryer can be selected according to the actual situation.



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