What is the appropriate temperature for Paddy rice dryer?

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Paddy rice dryer is an indispensable equipment in modern agricultural production. It replaces traditional drying by mechanical means, saves labor and time, and improves the quality of rice. Buying a rice dryer now has a good effect on the harvested rice. Drying has become the norm, but for people who have never been in contact with Paddy rice dryer, the operation of the equipment and the setting of various parameters are still very unfamiliar. For example, people do not know what temperature is appropriate for drying. , we will explain in detail below.

Paddy rice dryer

The temperature setting of the Paddy rice dryer mainly depends on the moisture. Usually, you can purchase a grain moisture meter online to measure the moisture of the rice before drying. If the moisture exceeds 30%, the temperature needs to be set higher, usually at Between 300 and 350°C, if the moisture content is lower than 30%, the temperature should be set at 300°C. This is just a reference value. The specific temperature setting is related to many factors, such as the speed of the equipment, the amount of feed, etc. The temperature setting is usually completed by the manufacturer's technicians. When the customer receives the purchased equipment, the manufacturer will send technicians to the site to guide the installation. After the installation is completed, it will be debugged to adjust the equipment speed, temperature, and feed volume to the best level, and then train the workers to operate the method. After the workers master the technology personnel will return.

The temperature setting of the Paddy rice dryer should follow the principle that it should be low and not high. If the temperature is too high, the rice will pop or break. If it is too low, it may not be dried, but it can be re-dried. Will not cause any damage to the rice.



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