How to improve the efficiency of Paddy rice dryer?

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How to improve the efficiency of Paddy rice dryer? This is one of the biggest concerns of dryer manufacturers. So how to improve it? Based on years of experience, the technicians of the Paddy rice dryer have summed up a set of knowledge and shared it with everyone, hoping to help you. Specific steps are as follows:

Paddy rice dryer

1. When operating the Paddy rice dryer, the wind speed in the drum should be well controlled. If the wind speed is too low, the dynamic and static contact between the material and the hot air will be relaxed, reducing the drying efficiency.

2. It should be avoided that the drying material does not reciprocate in the drum of the rice dryer, so that the material is quickly drawn away by the wind, which makes the storage capacity of the material in the drum too low, and reduces the dynamic and static contact area between the material and the hot air.

3. It is not possible to lengthen the length of the drum in order to increase the output of the rice dryer, because the diameter is too large, so that it cannot be fully utilized, resulting in loss of heat energy and increasing the area of ​​the equipment.

4. When installing the main unit of the rice dryer, please do not use the inclined installation method with the inlet end high and the fire end low. This installation method can only speed up the flow of materials to the far end and reduce the storage of materials in the drum. At the same time, thousands of sheets are lifted from the front to the back in the entire drum, but the material lifted is very little. In addition, this design causes unnecessary trouble to installation and operation.

5. When the rice dryer is not used for operation, the downstream drying method cannot be used only. This drying method will make the saturated water vapor of the coal slime in the drying process unable to be removed in time, and the running distance in the drum will be too long. long, so that the material absorbs water again.

6. The temperature of the inlet and outlet should be well grasped. If the temperature of the outlet is too high, it will cause energy waste. At the same time, it also reduces the quality of the dried material, making its color seriously black or even paste.

7. In order to limit the flow speed of the material toward the drying outlet, the rotation speed of the drum cannot be limited to a very low level, which greatly reduces the number of times the material in the drum of the Paddy rice dryer is lifted, and makes the dynamic contact between the material and the hot air. decrease very much.



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