The Paddy rice dryer dries fast!

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It is a traditional method to reduce excess water in rice when drying in the air. This method is very backward and has many drawbacks. At present, most of them are dried by Paddy rice dryers. The principle of drying rice with rice is the same as drying it, both rely on evaporating excess water in the rice, the difference is that the Paddy rice dryer relies on the heat energy generated by the hot blast stove.

Paddy rice dryer

The hot air delivered by the Paddy rice dryer is fresh and clean, will not cause any pollution to the rice being dried, and has a long service life. The heating system of the Keheng dryer is also environmentally friendly. The flue gas generated by the combustion of the system , the dust is completely burnt out, reaching the national first-class emission standard for smokeless emission.

The Paddy rice dryer has good drying effect and fast drying speed, and is suitable for large-scale granaries, farms, grain stations, professional planting households and other groups.



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