How to operate a Paddy dryer

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The Paddy dryer plays a very important role in harvesting paddy. It can help people get rid of some troubles in the process of paddy drying, such as insufficient space or bad weather. It can quickly dry the paddy to a safe place by mechanical means. moisture. Although the equipment is basically produced automatically, in the setting of some key parameters, workers still need to master certain operation methods in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the paddy dryer.

Paddy dryer

The Paddy dryer is operated through a power distribution cabinet, and the operation method is also very simple. Don't rush to load the material when it is just turned on, let the equipment preheat for a few minutes, and then start the material after the temperature of the cylinder rises. It can ensure the drying efficiency and avoid the phenomenon of high moisture content and scorched rice in the freshly dried material.

After the Paddy dryer is in normal operation, it is necessary to keep the feeding uniform and stable. The paddy drying adopts a low-temperature drying process, which can ensure the quality of the paddy dried. Therefore, the feeding amount must be kept uniform, so as to form a continuous In addition to maintaining the stability of the feed, it is also conducive to the stable operation of the equipment. When operating the rice dryer, you should pay attention to frequently check all parts of the machine, especially the aperture and supporting roller outside the cylinder, you need to check in time to see if there is any wear or displacement. If there is a problem, please contact the manufacturer's technical staff to help solve it.



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