Reasons for more broken rice in Paddy dryer

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Drying rice with a Paddy dryer has become the norm. Now there are many equipments for drying rice in various places, whether it is a tower type or a drum type. People have different views on the equipment. No matter how the rice is dried The dryer improves the speed at which people store rice, solves many problems encountered when harvesting rice, and ensures the quantity of rice. However, some users will encounter some problems when using it. For example, after drying the rice, they find that there are many broken rice. If the rice is broken, the quality of the rice will be reduced, and it is difficult to have a good price when selling it. Then we Let's analyze the reasons why there are more broken rice during drying.

Paddy dryer

Why does broken rice appear when drying? In fact, it has a lot to do with the drying process. The process of the rice dryer is to simulate the principle of natural drying, but the process is accelerated, and it takes 2~3 days for natural drying. It can be completed, but it only takes 2~3 hours after using the dryer. However, when the rice encounters high temperature in a short period of time, and the water quickly loses a lot of water, the surface will dry and crack, and the lifting plate of the dryer will act. In the bottom, it is broken, so there are more broken rice. In summary, the operator did not grasp the production process and used it blindly.

The unreasonable internal structure design of the rice dryer will also cause more broken rice. The lifting plate is the core part of the Paddy dryer. It lifts the rice to increase the contact time and frequency of the rice and the hot air. , If the design of the lifting plate is unreasonable, the rice will be directly broken when it falls, resulting in the phenomenon of broken rice in a large area. There are other small problems that can also lead to an increase in the broken rice rate, such as high inlet temperature, etc., which need to be paid attention to during production.



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