Analysis of common failure causes of rice milling machine

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The rice milling machine is a kind of grain processing machinery for removing brown rice (cortex and germ) from brown rice and grinding it into white rice. The main working part is a whitening chamber formed by a rotating roller and a steel plate punched by a steel plate on the periphery. The brown rice is discharged from the rice outlet after removing the enamel layer in the whitening chamber, and the rice bran is discharged through the sieve hole of the rice sieve. The feeding amount of the feeding mechanism, the gap between the whitening chamber and the pressure can be adjusted, and the rice sieves of different hole shapes and sizes can be used to adapt to different needs. There is a pressure door or gate at the outlet to control the size of the rice mouth and can be adjusted to obtain different grinding precision and flow.
1. The rice mill is clogged and the output is reduced. The main reason is that the feed amount is too large, the discharge port pressure is too large or the discharge port is too small; the discharge port is blocked by the rice bran, which may be caused by the belt slippage, the roller wear or the rice knife wear; the raw material moisture is too high or the spiral head Wear and loose.
2, rice bran contains rice, too much broken rice. The main reason: the rice sieve is damaged or the joint seam is too large; the conveying head and the sanding roller joint are not flat, the surface of the sanding roller is not smooth; the rice machine outlet is not smooth; the rice knife is too thick, the distance between the roller and the rice knife is too small; the rotation speed is unstable.
3, the current sudden increase. The main reason is: the feed inlet is broken, the pressure gate is broken, the rice sieve is broken, the rice sieve bracket is broken; the foreign matter entering the machine or the feed amount is too large; the outlet pressure gate is out of order, the rice sieve is blocked, the rice is not smooth; Or the manifold is blocked; the power is out of phase.
4, the accuracy of the fuselage decreased, uneven white. The main reason: the rice knife is worn; the feed is too small or the discharge pressure is too small.
5, the body vibration is large, the bearing is hot. The main reason: the shaft or pulley is unbalanced; the anchor bolts are loose; the bearing is filled with too much oil or lack of oil; the lubricating oil is too dirty.
6, there is abnormal smell. The main reason: the roller is loose or broken; the foreign object falls into the machine; the bearing and the seat are damaged; the belt is slipping; the nut is loose.


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