Introduction of different types of Paddy rice dryer

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With the continuous development of drying technology, people have a new understanding of drying technology and drying equipment. The following introduces several kinds of rice dryers commonly used in Paddy rice dryer.
cross flow
The so-called cross-flow Paddy rice dryer means that the rice flows down from the grain storage section to the drying section by gravity, and the heated air is forced to pass through the grain column laterally by the hot air chamber. The thickness of the column is generally 0.25~0.45m, the height of the grain column in the drying section is 3-30m, and the height of the cooling section is 1-10m. Its characteristics: 1. The structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, and the cost is low; The flow direction is vertical; 3. The existing problems are: uneven drying, the rice on the air inlet side is too dry, and the exhaust side is insufficiently dried, resulting in moisture difference, so it is necessary to add multiple reversing to solve the uneven drying and reduce the moisture difference.

Paddy rice dryer
counter flow
In a countercurrent Paddy rice dryer, the hot air and the rice flow in opposite directions, the hottest air first contacts the driest grain, and the temperature of the grain is close to the temperature of the hot air, so the temperature of the hot air used should not be too high. In contact with moist air with lower temperature, saturation is easy to occur. When drying high-moisture rice, the temperature of the valley layer has an optimum value. Since the rice and the hot air flow in parallel, all the rice is subjected to the same drying treatment during the flow. Its characteristics: 1. High thermal efficiency, 2. High grain temperature, close to hot air temperature, 3. Grain moisture and temperature are relatively uniform.



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