How the Paddy rice dryer works

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The Paddy rice dryer is a new type of continuous grain drying technology that fully combines downstream drying, segmental differential slowing and cross-flow cooling according to the characteristics of rice drying. The characteristics are: according to the internal temperature and moisture distribution of the rice grains, the staggered use of downstream drying and differential annealing, uniform drying at low temperature and large air volume, and a short annealing section in the middle are designed to make a reasonable moisture and heat balance inside and outside the grain, and the moisture content of the grain after drying. Evenly, reduce the rate of grain bursting, improve the quality after drying, and improve the drying efficiency.

Paddy rice dryer

The lower part of the Paddy rice dryer (small rice drying equipment, small rice drying production line) is equipped with a long slow down section, so that the grain slow down and the drying time have a proper ratio, and the grain quality after further drying. The advantages are: no matter how the output changes, the dryer can be designed as a single unit, with a small footprint and less auxiliary equipment; no increase in the number of operators; open-air production, no need for a shed. Therefore: the larger the output, the lower the total system investment cost compared with the circulating dryer, and the greater the advantage of high efficiency.

The Paddy rice dryer production line is designed with all-round hot air and transparent design, and has a wide drying area. Through the constant temperature ventilation device, automatic temperature adjustment method, and indirect heating of hot air, the grains are not polluted, and each grain is dried evenly, with good color and smell. , with excellent quality drying effect.



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