What preparations need to be made for the use of the Paddy rice dryer?

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It is imperative to realize the mechanization of agriculture. Many traditional methods are no longer suitable for people to use in rural areas, such as rice drying. Now the rural construction is very fast, and there is no large vacant land for drying. Therefore, people buy rice to dry. The dryer dries it and stores it in the warehouse, but what preparations need to be done before using the Paddy rice dryer?

Paddy rice dryer

Before using the Paddy rice dryer, you need to prepare enough heat sources. This depends on which heat source you choose when purchasing the equipment. If you use coal, you need to purchase a sufficient amount of coal in advance to avoid the amount of coal during drying. If it is not enough to cause drying interruption, the rice in the equipment will be dried for a second time when it is restarted, which will increase the broken rice rate. And waiting for the time to buy coal and labor costs are all costs. The second is to prepare the warehouse for storage. The conveying equipment should be connected to the warehouse, and the conveying path should be planned. If one warehouse is not enough, multiple warehouses need to be prepared. In addition, the conveying path of each warehouse should be prepared to avoid the drying process. When it is dry, it is found that the warehouse is not enough. At that time, it is necessary to stop the machine or set up the conveyor on site to delay work and time. The voltage of the drying site also needs to be stable. If the local voltage is usually unstable, it is necessary to prepare a transformer in advance so that the equipment motor can run smoothly and avoid the poor drying effect of rice due to insufficient power.

There are a lot of preparations that need to be done to dry rice with a Paddy rice dryer. The technicians of these manufacturers will specially explain during the guidance and installation. After the equipment is successfully debugged, they will also train the workers until the workers master it. The skilled operation is to put the rice The premise of fast and high-quality drying, so I also hope that workers can be careful and careful during training, master the name and function of each part of the equipment, and make timely judgments and solutions when problems occur during use.



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