What's wrong with the shaft of the 1 ton rice mill not turning

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The main components of 1 ton rice mill equipment are tightening nut wrench, fixed wrench, grinding wheel, hopper, etc. During the use process, some customers responded that they would encounter the situation that the machine shaft would not rotate and lock up. What is the reason? caused it? Considering that this situation does not occur during the operation of the equipment in general, we have conducted many tests and concluded that it may be related to the motor.

1 ton rice mill

As far as we know, in recent years, the yield of slender and long-grained rice has been getting higher and higher. Due to its own reasons, this kind of grain-shaped rice will have an increase in the burst rate during the process of harvesting and threshing. The rice machine will increase the broken rice rate when processing the rice, and the use of a small 1 ton rice mill can just solve this problem. However, many users only buy the bare metal machine instead of the motor when they choose the small rice milling machine. Therefore, after purchasing the machine, they need to match the motor by themselves. After matching the motor, they directly put it into production without testing the machine, resulting in the phenomenon of stuck machine. After inspection Later, it was found that the main reason was the reverse direction of the motor.

In addition, bearing damage or offset in the bearing position may also cause the problem of crankshaft locking, so the next time you encounter this situation, you can start from these aspects to investigate and solve it.

The above is the analysis of the situation that the shaft of the 1 ton rice mill does not rotate and locks up. I hope it can help you.



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