Selection of grooved sand rollers for 1 ton rice mills

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Roller is a very critical working part of 1 ton rice mill equipment. Selecting the appropriate type of roller according to the variety of rice can help to achieve relatively good results in various economic indicators on the rice milling production line. The grooved sand roll is a common roll shape on the sand roll 1 ton rice mill. Only after a detailed understanding can a suitable choice be made.

1 ton rice mills

The grooved sand roll of the 1 ton rice mill is a commonly used sand roll shape, which also includes straight grooves, inclined grooves and spiral grooves. Because the straight groove and inclined groove sand rolls have a strong force on rice grains during use, It is easy to cause broken rice, so it is rarely used in actual production. Therefore, we will focus on the spiral groove sand roller below.

The spiral groove sand roller of the rice milling machine has left and right rotation. When using it, it should be selected according to the rotation direction of the main shaft, that is, from the feed end, if the main shaft rotates in a counterclockwise direction, it should be selected. Right-handed spiral sand rollers, on the contrary, left-handed spiral sand rollers. In addition, for this kind of roller-shaped sand roller, in addition to the sand number of the sand roller, the selection of the width and depth of the spiral groove is also critical.

We know that when the rice grains are being whitened, the bran powder will be continuously discharged, and the volume of the whitening chamber will continue to decrease. Generally, the width and depth of the feeding end of the sand roller spiral groove of the 1 ton rice mill are designed to be large, and the process from the feeding end to the discharging end will continue to narrow and shallow.



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